Message in a Bottle

You are here and then you are not, often before I even realize it. It seems at times we are tethered by a rubber band, doesn’t it? I think maybe because we’ve seen ourselves somewhere other than in a mirror, we can’t seem to turn away. I know you are out there, probably staring out over the vast blue ocean; that makes me smile. And I am here, floating among the words. 

Kindred Spirits

You know I couldn’t help myself. I researched that particular shade of blue. The science behind it made me smile, for you are as analytical as you are mysterious. I think it must be the ocean in your eyes, fathoms far deeper than another could reach or comprehend. Or perhaps it is the folds of your heart, the secrets of which are held ever so closely to the vest. I know this because in so many ways, better and worse, I am you.