Father’s Day

This is my grandfather with his firstborn circa 1947. He graduated from medical school in 1954 after serving as a Navy medic in WWII. My grandfather was the only father I ever knew, and his presence far surpassed my father’s absence. He loved me without exception and pushed me to exceed my potential. He was absolutely the most influential person in my life. He passed suddenly when I was 21, and I don’t think I will ever get over losing him. He was my rock and my greatest cheerleader. I keep a box of treasured mementos at the top of my closet—his tennis shoes, his stethoscope, his favorite classical CD’s, and a letter I wrote to him on his last Father’s Day on Earth. It was found well-worn in the pocket of his lab coat. I believe there is a blessing that emerges from every tragedy. He was mine. ❤️